Thursday, June 12, 2014

Sale Starts Tomorrow....8a.m.

Hartford, Illinois Sale
218 W. 6th Street
Hartford, IL 62048
Friday, June 13th  8a.m.-2p.m...... pricing will be pretty firm
Saturday, June 14th  8.a.m.-2p.m..... 50% off
Sunday, June 15th 12-3p.m.....  bundle to save even more
Lots to see, many treasures to be found.  Come on out and see what you can find!
Please... no early sales.... we will be setting up outside each morning.  The house is very small and we need the extra space.... please give us time to get it all out and ready... many thanks!

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Interesting Wallpaper....

I recently saw an episode of "Flea Market Flip" where a dresser was transformed using old love letters.... it turned out beautifully and got me to thinking..... outside the box.....  how about a kitchen accent wall or backsplash wallpapered with recipes?  We have two recipe boxes full just waiting for a creative mind to find a use for them...... (of course they work for cooking too!)

Another item we have lots of that'd make interesting "wallpaper" is greeting cards.  I have also seen people take greeting cards and make decorative boxes out of them.... chandeliers.... and very cool jewelry.....
Cut out portions of the paper you want to keep and turn them into beautiful beads or pendants.....


From what I can tell these circles are mirrors?  but you could apply this to paper and make a beautiful
wall separator or hanging with old cards.... mothers day cards would make a great piece of memorable art.
Let your imagination go wild and create your own unique d├ęcor for your home..... the possibilities are endless.
Again, the pics are from Pinterest.... if you haven't.... I highly encourage you to check it out.... you will find inspiration beyond your wildest imagination.  Have fun!

A Few Interesting Items At Our Upcoming Sale.....

Hartford, IL....  address released Thursday morning...

Friday, June 13th 8a.m.-2p.m...... pricing will be pretty firm
Saturday, June 14th 8a.m.-2p.m...... 50% off
Sunday, June 15th 12-3p.m......  bundle and save even more

We have some really interesting, unique pieces at this sale.... here's a small sampling of the latest finds....

Pre-1940's Native American Cookie Jar

Tiffany & Co. 14K Gold Earrings

Cap'N Crunch Whistle

Sterling Coin Bracelet

Vintage Pens

Granite City Steel Pitcher and Glasses

Vess Bottles

Lots of Vintage Kitchenware....

Lots of Vintage Kitchenware Gadgets....

Beautiful Red Kitchen Cart

Vintage Wall Storage....

Carnival Glass Iris Pitcher and 6 Glasses

There is a great selection of items at this sale..... come on out and see what treasures you can find!

Jewelry, Jewelry and more Jewelry!

Sale this weekend in Hartford, IL..... starts Friday the 13th and runs through Sunday the 15th.  Friday and Saturday 8-2 and Sunday 12-3..... address released Thursday morning here and also on Facebook and

This sale will have lots and lots of Jewelry.... some Gold and Silver and lots of costume.... If you're in the market to treat yourself or looking for a gift come check us out.... here's a sampling of what will be available....


Sterling and Gold

Sterling and Gold (the bracelets in boxes are plated)

Sterling and Gold (the bracelets in the boxes are plated)

A selection of sterling and Gold

Some Gold, some Silver.....Miscellaneous

Marked Tiffany & Co. Earrings

Lots of nice Costume Jewelry

A great selection of costume jewelry

Nice selection of costume and some unset stones

Lots of costume jewelry to choose from...

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Up-Do's for Hartford Sale.... June 13th-15th

We've got lots of doilies at our upcoming Sale June 13th-15th so I thought I've give you some ideas for repurposing them in cool, functional ways.....

They are beautiful pieces of art!

Great use!

As lighting..... casting intricate shadows.


Love this, a table runner.

Cute as Artwork

Use them as Stencils......

All pictures are from Pinterest.... they have tons of examples.... do a simple search on "upcycling doilies" and you'll be amazed at what you'll find.  Check it out!

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Up-Do's for The Hartford Sale....June 13th-15th

We have an amazing selection of jewelry at our upcoming sale.... from costume jewelry to chunky sterling silver chains, 14k Gold Necklaces and Rings.... and everything in between. 

I have had so much fun going through and finding the many, many pieces of adorable jewelry (pictures to follow).... for right now though, I'd love to give you some ideas for jewelry making using the wonderful Vintage Costume pieces we'll have available, as well as some craft materials (which we also have a lot of).......

Love the use of vintage earrings and brooches to make such a
beautiful, unique piece of "new" jewelry!

What to do with all those broken watches.... make an adorable bracelet!

Another beautiful necklace using vintage brooches and earrings!

Pendant necklace using an old spool and papers.... very cool!

What a cute idea.... using old game board pieces to make an adorable charm bracelet!

Button jewelry.... how cute is that.... we'll have lots of buttons available as well!

Key Necklace... we have a variety of keys as well!

Spoon jewelry.... add whatever you'd like into the spoon and waalah... an
adorable, unique piece of wearable art!

What to do with broken watches.... add a picture under the glass.... wonderful idea!

Beautiful example of vintage pieces made into a gorgeous piece of jewelry!

All pictures were found on Pinterest.... follow the link to my "repurposed" album and you can find original links to find out more information on the pieces shown.... while you're at it, do a search of your own.... you'll be amazed at how many beautiful things you'll find... !

Come on out June 14th-15th and see what you can find to create your own piece of wearable art!

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Up-Do's In Lighting.....

One of the coolest things I've seen lately is a lamp made from a vintage parking meter.... great lamp!  That got me thinking..... there's all kinds of everyday items that would make really cute lighting fixtures.  Here's a few ideas.....

Bird Cage light.....

metal wire basket into flush mount light.....lovely

What an imagination.... bicycle wheel and chains.... that's
a true work of art.... amazing.

Driftwood.... very interesting and unique

I want one of these.... how great is that?

Colander light.... love the bold color as well.

Fan covers.....

Metal bucket.... don't think we've had an Estate Sale yet without
one or more of these.....

So, next time you're meandering through a flea market, estate sale or garage sale think.... lighting... and see what your imagination can create..... the possibilities are endless!

All pictures come from Pinterest.... if you're not on yet.... you should be!  Check it out... an amazing site to find all kinds of inspiration!